Analysis Group

Volunteer community association board members are seeking prudence in business, especially when it relates to complex decisions and maintaining fiscal responsibility and intergenerational equity. The business judgment rule protects them from personal liability if they rely and act on the advice of experts as long as they haven’t committed a crime, engaged in self-dealing, or breached their fiduciary duty.

CIA’s Analysis Group offers expert financial planning and budgeting services to community associations. This team specializes in providing tailored solutions to address the unique financial challenges faced by community associations. By leveraging our expertise, board members can make informed decisions and ensure the long-term financial health and stability of their associations.

CIA’s Analysis Group prepares Economic Analysis studies for board members and management and/or individual member owner(s) or shareholder(s), analyzing the impact of various proposed financial and operating policies on the community association’s future. Our studies help board members and management decide how best to allocate resources.

In addition, CIA’s Analysis Group conducts Reserve Study Plan Analyses to evaluate the adequacy of the community association’s reserve fund size in comparison to the current reserve deterioration of the association’s common areas. The identification of any total funding shortfall or cumulative deferred assessment increase allows associations to proactively address financial challenges.

For landlords and/or individual member owner(s) or shareholder(s), CIA’s Analysis Group provides Real Estate Investment Portfolio Analyses. These analyses ensure that landlords and property owners have the correct asset allocation according to their objectives, risk tolerance, and other constraints.

At CIA, we are committed to empowering community associations with the financial tools and insights needed to thrive. Contact us today to learn how our expert financial planning and budget services can benefit your association.