Management consulting and financial advisory firm for common interest realty association management and owners.

Condominium associations and cooperative housing corporations in Chicago’s Gold Coast (lower left) where Common Interest Advisors’ idea began back in September 2003.

Our Mission

Common Interest Advisors (“CIA”) is a management consulting and financial advisory firm specializing in complex litigation, examination and analysis for common interest realty association (“CIRA”) management and owners nationwide. Our clients include:

  • homeowners’ associations,
  • condominium associations,
  • commercial associations,
  • time-share associations,
  • master associations,
  • cooperative housing corporations, and
  • member owner(s) or shareholder(s).

CIA’s mission will always be driven by a single objective: optimizing value for all owners.

Our Specialty Groups

CIA offers a wide array of consulting services, including those from its three major groups: Third-Party, Examination, and Analysis. They range from rendering professional advice or services to unpaid volunteers serving on a CIRA’s board of directors — a thankless job that comes with fiduciary responsibilities and countless obligations — to help individual member owners or shareholders reduce misconceptions and conflicts within their CIRA. In other words, CIA is there to provide relevant input to board members when they’re confronted with a problematic issue and serve individual member owner(s) or shareholder(s) when they suspect their CIRA is not operating in the sunlight.

Third-Party Group

  • Distressed CIRA Communities
  • Fiduciary Services
  • Litigation Support and Expert Testimony

Examination Group

  • Forensic Accounting Investigations (Detects Felonies and Frauds)
  • Management (Management Company & Board) Audits

Analysis Group

  • Financial Planning & Budgeting Services
  • Economic Analyses
  • Reserve Study Plan Analyses